Problems with family or friends

Roberto’s family or friends may not agree with your decisions about Roberto’s money. To help reduce any friction, follow the four duties and the guidelines we’ve given you.

Sharing information may help. For example, you might want to share reports you complete or summaries of how you’ve spent Roberto’s money, unless Roberto has said that you should not. But be careful not to share Roberto’s Social Security number or bank account numbers. It usually is easier to deal with questions about a decision immediately, rather than to deal with suspicion and anger that may build over a long time. In the end, you have to make the final decision, balancing Roberto’s privacy and the need to avoid problems with family and friends.

Some family or friends may be so difficult that it is better not to share information with them. Use your best judgment.

If family or friends don’t agree with your decisions, try to get someone to help sort it out—for example, talk to a family counselor or mediator. See “Where to go for help” under "Related Resources" on the left sidebar of this toolkit.