Let’s Review Some Vocabulary

Supported Decision-Making Agreement
A supported decision-making agreement is an agreement through which a person, who can make his or her own life decisions but needs help doing so, names a person to help make decisions.

A supporter is a person named in a supported decision-making agreement to help make decisions. A supporter has authority to take certain actions (for example, obtain medical or financial records) as necessary to help make informed decisions and to communicate those decisions to others as appropriate.

A fiduciary is a person who is authorized to act for another person and has a special relationship of trust and confidence. A supporter has the following specific fiduciary duties: to act in good faith, act within the authority granted in the agreement, act loyally and without self-interest, and avoid conflicts of interest.

Conflict of Interest
A conflict of interest occurs when a decision puts what is best for one person ahead of what is best for the other person. A supporter must avoid conflicts of interest by helping make decisions that are best for the person who appointed him or her, regardless of what might be good for the supporter or others.